PAW PATROL TOY REVIEW Rocky’s TugBoat Rescues Rubble Air Patroller and PAW Patroller

Its a ruff ruff rescue with the PAW Patrol and Rocky’s transforming Recycling tugboat toy. Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Skye, Rubble, Everest and Tracker from the PAW PATROL. Today on Toytimetv we review the brand new Rocky’s Tugboat toy from spin master. We unbox Rocky’s tugboat and play with it and then do a full review for the whole family. We love the PAW Patrol on ToyTimeTV! We do toy review for children on PAW Patrol like the Air Patroller, PAW patroller, Super pups, Air rescue pups, Jungle rescue, PAW terrain vehicle, The Lookout, Chase’s cruiser, Zuma’s hovercraft, Skye’s helicopter, Rubble bull dozer, Everest’s snow plow, Rocky’s tugboat and recycling truck, Air rescue Chase, air rescue Marshall, air rescue Rocky, Air rescue rubble and more. We even do huge collection videos featuring all the toys above and more. We love the Paw Patrol on our toy channel. The PAW Patrol pups are a lead by a brilliant ten year old boy named Ryder. He and the PAW Patrol pups all live in the Lookout. Chase is a German Shepherd police puppy. Who’s paw uphold the laws. Marshall is a Dalmatian puppy who drive a firetruck and says Lets get fired up! Rubble is an English bull dog who has a bull dozer and says rubble on the double. Rocky is a mixed breed puppy who has a tugboat and a recycling truck and always wants to Not lose it but reuse it! Zuma is a cool chocolate Labrador and wants to dive in with his hovercraft. Skye is a cockapoo who’s got to fly in here helicopter and space ship. Ryder drive a 4×4 ATV and lead the pups on ton of rescue missions! Its fun for the whole family. Rocky to the rescue! No job is too big and no pup is too small! Now you can re-enact new rescue scenes with Rocky and his recycling tugboat. All of your favorite Paw Patrol characters are ready to save the day. Collect the whole Paw Patrol team of vehicles and figures (sold separately) for even bigger rescue missions! Together, your child’s imagination will be lit up with pup inspired rescue missions full of friendship, teamwork and bravery. Save the day with Rocky’s Tugboat and the Paw Patrol!Rocky and his recycling truck are ready to save Adventure Bay! Vehicle features a rotating forklift, swivelling crane, and back that opens for storage.If you love our collection video be sure and subscribe to ToyTimeTV for more PAW Patrol videos and be sure to comment too! The #pawpatrol & #kidstoyreviews are awesome by Bobby and Mr. Hands.

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