LOL Surprise Baby Dolls In Blind Bag Ball POOL PARTY ❤ Pee, Spit Water & Color Change in Ice Bath

LOL Surprise Dolls aka Little Outrageous Littles mass opening of the 7 layers in 1 surprise baby doll ball. We open a rare glitter doll today and do magical color change play with our 2 ultra rare baby dolls. The ultra rare L.O.L surprise dolls change colors in cold and hot water in our Barbie bath tub. We have fun pool party with Mr Bubble Foam Soap. The dolls can either spit, pee, cry or change colors with water. It’s a super fun surprise!

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DisneyCarToys is a family friendly toy channel. Sandra and Spidey make toy reviews with Sandra’s kids Alex, Ava and Adam. Our channel is known for Barbie Parodies, Cookie Monster and Disney Princess IRL dress up. We are the original creators of the ball pit and balloon pop surprise toy videos.

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This video features the new LOL Surprise Dolls

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